Lightweight Fernweg Weiss Edition Wheelset

Lightweight Fernweg Weiss Edition Wheelset

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It’s hardly rocket science. If you increase your speed by a couple of mph, you’ll reach your destination sooner. This is what the FERNWEG is all about, teasing out every last notch on the speedometer.

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Lightweight have built the stiffest, lightest and most aerodynamic aero wheelset the world has ever seen. FERNWEG doesn't need to hide away from its competitors. That would be tricky anyway since there aren’t any – Lightweight’s acceleration statistics are simply without equal. This is because they, and independent experts, have worked tirelessly in the wind tunnel to create the shape that is just right. The result is FERNWEG – an aero wheel that never ceases to impress, both in races and in everyday training.

If there ever was a wheel that made aerodynamics and excitement part of your cycling experience, then it would definitely be the Lightweight FERNWEG.

  • WEIGHT FW 685 gr
  • WEIGHT BW 795 gr
  • RIM DEPTH 79,5 mm
  • RIM WIDTH 20 mm
  • NO. OF SPOKES (FW/BW) 16/20
  • TYRE WIDTH 19-27 mm

Weiss Edition

Handcrafted and elegantly packaged. All WEISSED wheelsets feature a radiant Phoenixweiß-metallic in silky gloss - with just the right color accent to transform an ordinary bike into a dream bike.

Lightweight uses the revolutionary DURAFLON® coating on its wheels for an elegant look and an extremely durable, smooth, scratch-resistant finish - and a weight of just 20 grams per wheel.

The high-end DURAFLON® coating, made in Germany, is a FEVE stove-enamel finish with maximum resistance for use on plastic surfaces. In outdoor applications, it offers durability and optics far superior to conventional paint, powder-coating, and PUR coatings.

  • Unparalleled color-fastness and gloss retention
  • Permanent, easy-to-clean properties
  • Passive self-cleaning - anti-stick properties
  • Outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Solvent-resistant