Push Cartel black bidon by Tacx - 500ml

Push Cartel black bidon by Tacx - 500ml

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Push Cartel Bidon by Tacx - 500ml
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The Push Cartel Bidon is based on the Tacx Shiva bottle. A classic bottle that has been a favourite with the Pro Teams for many years thanks to its easy to squeeze material. The Shiva bottle has an ergonomic and timeless design and is available in various colours; we also offer the official Pro Team bottles.

Screw-on cap
The Shiva features a classic screw-on cap.

Lockable spout
The Shiva’s cap has a lockable pull spout; if you turn it to the ‘locked’ position it cannot spring open, nor can anything leak out, e.g. in your bag. While cycling, you simply turn it to ‘open’ to be able to drink from it.

Extra grip
The unique triangular shape of the cap provides extra grip.